Miss & Grubs is a short film animation originally created by Camila Kamimura and Victor Canela and produced by Split Studio with support from the São Paulo State Government, Secretary of Culture, Cultural Action Program of 2013.

The film is currently on running on multiple international festivals, and was the winner of the awards for “Best Short Art Direction” and “Best Short Film Soundtrack”, from the Gramado Festival, and “Best Teen Movie” from the Festival Internacional de Cinema Infantil.

Once upon a time, in a Dark Forest where neither a ray of light nor love could penetrate, a perfect little rodent that lived perfectly alone in a perfect egg house, in which everything fit and worked perfectly well. One day, however, her energy source runs out. And then Miss needs to expose herself to the wild dangers of darkness to find what she is looking for.

Released Date: 2015

– – – – – –


Direction: Camila Kamimura and Jonas Brandão
Production Director: Jana Dalri
Production: Cid Makino, Cora Ottoni, Menina Sé and Vanessa Remonti
Executive Production: Jorge Gonçalves and Vanessa Remonti
Development Team: André Aguiar, Camila Kamimura, Vanessa Remonti and Victor Canela
Screenplay: Camila Kamimura and Victor Canela
Storyboard and Animatic: Raphael Jesus and Silvia Nanakuma
Art Direction: Welton Santos
Character Design: André Aguiar, Victor Sampaio and Welton Santos
Background Design: André Bdois and Welton Santos
Art Assistant: Leandro Moura, Sidney Batista, Toco Alves and Victor Sampaio
Props: Victor Sampaio and Welton Santos
Editing: Jonas Brandão
Post-production: Leandro Franci and PG Santiago
Animation Direction: Evanildo Santos
Animation Studios: Split Studio and Animact!
Animation: André Rodrigues, Cid Makino, Cora Ottoni, Daniela Fischer, Felipe Zanfelice, Flávia Güttler, Heloisa Midori, Jefferson Bastida, Jonas Brandão, Juan Ruiz, Lucas Nunes, Paulo Ferreira, Renan Nascimento and Sidney Batista
Rigging: Cid Makino, Felipe Zanfelice, Heloisa Midori and Michel Borges
Setup and Render: Cora Ottoni and Sidney Batista
Soundtrack: Felipe Junqueira and Samuel Ferrari
Violins: Ricardo Herz
Voice Miss: Daniella Monaco
Sound Design: Regis Baba and Rodrigo Paplauskas
Mixing: Rodrigo Paplauskas
Executive Production 11:11: Carla Brauninger
Audio Production: 11:11 Ads+Arts e Motora