Tênis da Hora is an audiovisual adaptation of Machado de Assis’s tale “A Chinela Turca”, directed by Thomas Larson and developed by Split Studio, with TV Escola. This short film was inspired by the story of Bruxo do Cosme Velho, creating a contemporary approach and taking an unusual turn.

Client: TV Escola
Released Date: 2015

– – – – – –


Direction: Thomate Larson
Screenplay: Rogério Ruiz Ferro and Victor Canela
Storyboard and Animatic: Thomate Larson and Victor Sampaio
Executive Production: Guille Hiertz, Victor Canela and Jorge Gonçalves
Executive Production Assistant: Carol Consul and Lucas Bonalumi
Production Coordinator: Jonas Brandão, Jorge Gonçalves and Teka Carbonell
Art Direction: Welton Santos
Art: Felipe Zanfelice, Flavio Monteiro, Heloísa Midori, Sidney Batista, Thomate Larson, Toco Alves and Welton Santos
Animation Direction: Evanildo Santos
Animation Studios: Split Studio and Animact!
Setup: Victor Pacheco
Rigging: Cid Makino, Cora Ottoni and Lucas Pizzolotto
Animation: Cid Makino, Cora Ottoni, Flávia Güttler, Jefferson Bastida, Juan Ruiz, Lucas Pizzolotto, Renan Nascimento, Victor Pacheco, Heloísa Midori, Jonas Brandão and Thomate Larson
Render: Sidney Batista
Post-production Coordinator: Lucas Bonalumi
Composition and Post-production: Leandro Franci
Editing: Thomate Larson
Voices: Diego Melo, Bruno Melo, Melissa Garcia, Robson Nunes, Guilherme Lopes, Alfredo Rollo, Fábio de Castro and Renata Zhaneta
Soundtrack and Sound Design: Duda Larson
Scratch: Francis Wierdmann
Making of: Rafael Duckur